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  • Pro-Angle 1 Scoop Coater

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    Balanced and calibrated to lay down a uniform coating every time. Made from top-quality extruded aluminum. The all-metal construction withstands even the most severe shop environments and features a hard, anodizedgold aluminum finish for added durability.The convenient anti-tip design of both versions allows you to put down the scoop coater without spillage, saving emulsion and limiting cleanup time. Pick a size below or customize the size.
  • Pro-Angle 2 Scoop Coater

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    The versatile Pro-Angle2™ Scoop Coater features a dual edge to achieve perfect coverage with any emulsion. Especially useful when coating large or multiple frames, the deeper trough holds twice the emulsion of Pro-Angle1™, reducing the number of refills between passes. Pick from the sizes below or customize the size.

2 Item(s)

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