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  • Model WB Washout Booth

    Regular Price:

    If you’re looking for a strong, durable washout booth at an affordable price, look no further than Blackline’s WB. The WB is an open-top booth constructed of welded polypropylene and comes equipped with many of the features found on our deluxe washout, including two, four-foot backlight strips, a semi-transparent back, built-in screen supports and a perforated drain.
  • Model KDL Washout Booth

    Regular Price:

    Full size and made of 1/4-inch, semi-transparent natural polypropylene, the KDL is strong, durable and built to give you years of service. It can hold a standard 23” x 31” screen and comes standard with two screen supports. And because the KDL is semi-transparent, backlighting can be added by the customer if so desired.
  • Mini Dip Tank with Pedestal

    Regular Price:

    Blackline's mini dip tank is perfect for printers using smaller screens. The Mini is built of the same 3/8" polypropylene as the large dip tank, but comes standard with a removable lid, screen hold down and an integrated pedestal that allows the spigot to drain into a standard five gallon container. The Mini can fit 4-5 screens. Crating Charge of $55.00 not included.
  • Model KD-XL Washout Booth

    Regular Price:

    The new KD-XL is the big brother of the KDL, and employs the same innovative multi-part system that allows them both to be disassembled.With an extra four inches in width and five inches in height, the KD-XL provides additional room for standard 23” x 31” screens. And like the KDL, the KD-XL is made of durable, chemically resistant 1/4"-inch natural poly and features built-in screen supports and a perforated drain. The KD-XL is an excellent addition to any clean-room. Crating Charge of $50.00 not included.

4 Item(s)

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